Characteristics of Ag layers*

Layer thickness  20 nm -> 2μm 

UV : absorption

Visible light: average 95%

IR >97% reflected

Electrical conductivity

2.5.107 S.m-1 (theoretical conductivity Ag: 6,3.107 S.m-1)

150 nm thick Ag metal layer give enough conductivity to allow electrolytic layer growth

Electrical conductivity
EMI Shielding properties 500 nm thick Ag layer gives 70 dB attenuation between 10 MHz & 10 GHz and this in combination with a 0,05 Ohm. Square resistivity

AND Jet Metal masters in-house the complete stack design:

  • Base coat varnish
  • Ag layer
  • Top coat varnish

*Ni, Au, Fe, Co, Cu…can also be deposited but mostly Ag based layers is used in today’s application.