Our Technology

Resulting from Research, Jet Metal technology is based on the simultaneous spraying of 2 sprays in aqueous solution. When those sprays get in contact with the part, one can see a thin metallic and reflective layer grow.

Sprayed as a paint, Jet Metal depositions are applied at room temperature and pressure in a simple paint booth.

Thus, the process overcomes issues related to historical technologies.

Jet MetalTM process can be applied both on moving parts and on static parts, on bulky parts or tiny parts.

Besides, layers whose thicknesses are different as well as different metals can be created. Thus, it is possible to create series of layers or alloys.

Synergies exist between Jet MetalTM’s decorative depositions and other metallization techniques like electroplating. For instance, both metallization systems are used to get large thicknesses of metal.