EMI shielding

Combining silver metal excellent electrical conductivity characteristics and Jet Metal’s unique, innovative metallisation technology allows you to give your products their required EMI Shielding.

Test method:
The evaluation of the JMT Ag coating characteristics for its EMI shielding properties were done at EMITECH FRANCE, Lyon (COFRAC accredited institute). The measurement tests followed the GAM T20 norm, which are the shielding attenuation measurement test for high end applications like military applications.
The methodology of these tests is to use a Faraday cage to shield the environment and place the metallized sample as the “only” way to pass for the Electro Magnetic waves. The other objective of the reverberation chamber is to obtain a field which is constant on average, which has many polarization directions, and which is statistically uniform.
Electro Magnetic waves are generated by a first antenna, waves will pass through the metallized sample and the second antenna will receive the attenuated signal.
The frequency test range is from 10 MHz to 10 GHz using the following materials:


1. 500 nm Ag via JMT vs conductive paint

500 nm Ag via JMT vs conductive paint

500 nm Ag via JMT scores better than a Ag/Cu filled conductive paint
Comparison chart of a 500 nm thick Ag layer deposited with the Jet Metal
Technology versus a 20 μm Ag/Cu filled conductive paint.

2. Resistivity measurements

Resistivity measurements

Specific resistivity of a 500 nm Ag layer deposited with Jet Metal Technology is 50 mΩ□