Jet Metal metallization technology can be applied on all substrates used in the industry :

  • Metals and alloys like Zamak
  •  Plastics like ABS, polypropylene, epoxy, polyester, polystyrene, PEEK/carbon, …)
  • Glass and silicon
  • Composite materials (epoxy/carbon, polyester/glass fiber, PEEK/carbon, …)


Technical features

Fragrances and beauty products are handled everyday by users and thus, are susceptible of different constraints like scratches, heat, … Otherwise, the content is very often composed of concentrated substances that may harm the packaging.

In order to make sure there is no loss of any part of the packaging, Jet Metal Technologies offers a set of technical features as the Jet Metal technologies complies with L’Oréal’s specifications





Adhesion YES
Customers’ solutions or given solutions resistance YES
Water resistanceYES
Humidity resistance YES
Thermal resistanceYES
Resistance to artificial sweat YES
Mechanical resistanceYES