Our technology

Resulting from Research, Jet Metal technology is based on the simultaneous spraying of 2 sprays in aqueous solution. When those spays get in contact with the part, one can see a thin metallic and reflective layer grow.

Sprayed as a paint, Jet Metal depositions are applied at room temperature and pressure in a simple paint booth.

Thus, the process overcomes issues related to historical technologies.

Jet MetalTM refers to as an in-line metallization process. Parts are treated with a first reticulated varnish named « base coat », then, they are metallized through Jet Metal process. Finally, they are covered with a protective varnish known as « top coat » without undergoing any break in the system and metallized by means of one single parts’conveyor.

Therefore, as a patented technology, Jet Metal enjoys a high-production capacity, thre is no break in the system, and this is as simple and flexible as a painting application.