As environmental regulations are more and more stringent and as demand is increasing, needs for metallization have to be split again. Conventional metallization techniques like electroplating do not manage to meet this requirement.

As huge consumers of metallization, sanitary industry players are currently looking for more competitive technologies and technologies enjoying a greater prodution capacity than historical technologies. Jet Metal’s in-line spraying metallization system provides sanitary industry players with both a new and alternative technology to metallize all their substrates, and with a wider range of finishing.


Manufacturers of sanitary equipments work with different substrates: plastics, steel, brass, copper, etc. These substrates are those which are the most used in this business segment.

Technical features

Shower heads and taps are exposed to extreme humidity conditions. Frictions, high temperatures… are a few examples of the daily extreme conditions they have to face.



Adhesion YES
Customers’ solutions or given solutions resistance YES
Water resistanceYES
Humidity resistance YES
Thermal resistanceYES
Resistance to artificial sweat YES
Mechanical resistanceYES