Booming market in which innovation does not have any limit and competition is hard, designers and manufacturers of electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, TVs, etc.) – who are used to dealing with large numbers of parts – require innovative metallization techniques that have a great production capacity.

At a time when electroplating and PVD seem to reach their limits, the Dynamic Chemical Plating appears as an alternative technology which enjoys a high-production capacity. Thanks to its high-production capacity, Jet MetalTM process allows treating many different parts we find in this business area.


Today, a variety of substrates is used by the manufacturers of electronic appliances (TVs’, cell phones’, headphones’ manufacturers, …).

Innovative and highly flexible metallization process, Jet MetalTM allows to decorate a lot of substrates like:

  • Metals (zamak, aluminium, …..)
  • Plastics (ABS, PP, Epoxy, PE, PS, PEEK, PA, …)
  • Composite materials

Technical features

Given that they are handled many times a day and they are subject to inside exposures as well, the decorative surface treatment of electronic devices needs to enjoy specific technical features.

Developed by Jet Metal Technologies’ researchers and the whole R&D Department, systems enjoying technical characteristics which are specific to electronics have been created.



Adhesion YES
Customers’ solutions or given solutions resistance YES
Water resistanceYES
Humidity resistance YES
Thermal resistanceYES
Resistance to artificial sweat YES
Mechanical resistanceYES