Electronical goods industry


As many families all around the world still not own white goods and as there is a planned obsolescence, the electrical goods industry is part of the growing markets.

Demand for silver-plated parts is increasing today. Our Jet MetalTM process offers both “standard” metallization solutions and colored silver-plating the players of the electrical goods industry like.


Polymers in the styrene family (ABS, SAN …), PC, PAs, composite materials as well as metals and alloys are part of the favorite substrates of this business sector.

Refrigerator handles, oven handles, washing machine doors, etc. are part of the items most widely decorated by designers and creative people. Thanks to Jet MetalTM, the Marketing Departments of white goods manufacturers are provided with more decorative possibilities.

Technical features

Since we use electrical goods everyday, they are handled many times a day and they are also subject to inside exposures. That is why the latter have to be resilient.

To meet this requirement, our R&D Department developed systems which enjoy technical features specific to the constraints this type of products are facing.



Adhesion YES
Customers’ solutions or given solutions resistance YES
Water resistanceYES
Humidity resistance YES
Thermal resistanceYES
Resistance to artificial sweat YES
Mechanical resistanceYES