Fragrance – Cosmetics


As a buoyant market which is always growing but a bit fragmented, high production capacities are required by the fragrance and cosmetics industry. However, it proves difficult to find metallization technologies with great production capacities while there is an increasing competitiveness is needed.

Traditional metallization technologies comply with this need as far as they can.

Jet Metal Technologies offers an innovative alternative to metallize materials that are used in this business segment. Furthermore, the process provides brands with a wide choice of finishing. Black metal, semi-transparency, shading-off as well as other innovations are proposed by our company.


Designed especially to satisfy all decorative applications of this market’s players, Jet Metal can be applied on different substrates :

  • Metal and alloys
  • Plastics (ABS, polypropylene, epoxy, polyester, polystryrene, PEEK/carbon, …)
  • Glass and silicium
  • Composite materials (epoxy/carbon, polyester/glass fiber, PEEK/carbon, …)

Technical features

Fragrances and beauty products are handled everyday by users and thus, are endangered by different kinds of constraints. Otherwise, contents is very often composed of condensed substances that may spoil containers.

In order to make sure there is no loss of any part of the container, Jet Metal Technologies offers a set of technical features. For instance, Jet Metal complies with L’Oréal’s bill of specifications number XXX.



Adhesion YES
Customers’ solutions or given solutions resistance YES
Water resistanceYES
Humidity resistance YES
Thermal resistanceYES
Resistance to artificial sweat YES
Mechanical resistanceYES