Jet Metal Technologies was created to industrialize a new innovating metallization technology via spraying, developed at the Ecole Centrale in Lyon, France.

Already applied industrially in different industries for decorative (e.g. cosmetic plastics & bottles, automotive, …) and functional (EMI shielding, electroforming, …) applications, this patented metallization technology is a green and cost effective alternative for chrome plating and other existing metallization techniques like PVD and evaporation.

Jet Metal Technologies :

  • offers an innovative green & cost effective metallization technology protected by 6 international patents
  • is a total solutions provider :
    • Designs, sells and installs via its own engineering team complete industrial painting lines equipped with and optimized for the Jet Metal technology
    • Develops and offers all necessary chemicals for its metallization process
    • Masters layer (metal & organic layer) & stack (base & topcoat) development in-house
    • Takes care of all pre & after sales services like installations, trouble shooting, training, spare parts, …
    • Owns an industrial metallization line to optimize and customize the industrial processes for the customer and to produce samples and small series
  • is a credible & experienced expert as nearly 20 industrial lines are running worldwide 24/7